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Accounting and Book-keeping and Payroll Administration

We do not only take care of your book-keeping, but gladly support you in introducing efficient accounting and controlling techniques in order to facilitate your business management.

Correct payroll administration and timely payment of salaries are of great importance to your employees. Settling accounts with social security agencies are anything but simple today and small mistakes can have serious impacts. We have staff with expert knowledge, who offers you comprehensive advice. Efficient and accurate payroll administration is not only a cornerstone for the trust of your employees, but also makes a significant contribution to a pleasant work environment.

Our Services


  • accounting for local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and financial and securities- accounting for sole proprietorships, partnerships, legal persons, trusts and foundations
  • payroll-accounting and settlements with social securities agencies

Financial Statements

  • creating and analysing interim and annual financial statements
  • reporting under consideration of shareholder and stakeholder interests


  • support and advice with regard to controlling (for example, cost accounting) and accounting
  • advice on annual financial statements (individual and consolidated financial statements) in compliance with
    • IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
    • Swiss GAAP FER (Swiss GAAP FER – specialist recommendations for accounting and reporting)
    • OR (Swiss Code of Obligations)
  • structuring consolidated financial statements in accordance with national and international standards
  • consolidation of annual financial statements of group companies according to national and international standards
  • legal advice on social security matters concerning expense regulations, employee profit-sharing schemes and wage statements

Payroll Administration

  • payroll accounting
  • settling accounts with social security agencies
  • comprehensive legal advice in connection with social security matters concerning questions like
    • expense regulations
    • employee stock ownership plans
    • wage statements
  • personnel administration
  • advice on the conclusion of insurance contracts
  • correspondence with authorities
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